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Rebuild: Deconstructing and Reconstructing our Faith – September

You love God. You think for yourself. You are serious about your life. And no one can tell you what to believe. ReBuild is for you. ReBuild is a unique conversation about relating to God and each person’s unique journey during this season of deep change. So many of us are re-examining or completely departing from old ways of thinking, not because we are far from God, but because we want to find Him near and real. This unique format of online live conversation and previously captured video is designed to bring us all together in a conversation that too often divides people. If your experience has been that following Jesus means you should leave free-thinking behind, come join our conversation and think differently. Meaningful thought and the deep value of individual expression ought to mark the mind and life of people who believe in an All-Brilliant Creator. Let’s explore together what would be an integrous and kind response to the life and sacrifice of Jesus. This four-week conversation involves weekly Zoom calls along with video and print material to stimulate our weekly conversations.

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For men and women who are either in, or have gotten out of an abusive relationship. This four-week event combines our video resources with four live zoom conferences to help you take back the life that abuse has been trying to steal from you.

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Responding to Trauma in Relationships

What happens when someone you love has come from a past riddled with abuse or trauma? How do you connect with them and love them in and through their greatest fears, triggers, and worries? If you have experienced trauma or abuse how do you move toward others and navigate safety and connection in healthy relationships? This course helps explain trauma and triggers and gives some tools to help people navigate through the confusion of trauma with people in your life.

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Think Differently Model

The Think differently training model is a unique integration of three schools of thought. Each of the schools of thought complements the other to build one This course provides an overview of these three models and how they integrate. model. Synthesizing the freedom model with neurolinguistic programming and systems thinking the Think differently model addresses the whole person as well as their context. This course provides an overview of these three models and how they integrate.

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Foundations of Freedom

The Foundations of Freedom video series exists because of the assumption that if we do not first change the way we think even new thoughts will follow old pathways. More than providing new thoughts, this series is designed to shift thought processes, allowing old ideas to take on new meaning.

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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth has often been defined by a set of prescribed practices. What if it is possible to adhere to all the practices and still not grow spiritually? In fact, what if we need to step back and re-define what spiritual growth is so that we can engage in ways that change us from the inside out? Learn the difference between soul and spirit and crucial ways of thinking to experience change that comes from the Spirit.

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Think Differently Lead Differently

In Think Differently, Lead Differently Bob Hamp offers us nothing less than a new model for raising up and equipping authentic Christian leaders. Building on and extending the groundbreaking ideas of his first book, Think Differently, Live Differently, Hamp challenges readers to reexamine long-held assumptions about leadership in the Kingdom go about that high calling in fresh ways. Whether you’re currently endeavoring to lead a reformation in your organization, your family, or simply your own heart, you’ll find this book a powerful and eye-opening guide.

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Finding Hope for Change

Though It may not seem like it, change is easier than you think. Like any lock, it is difficult to open if you don’t have the key. This course contains five of the most powerful keys to finally making the changes that you have always wanted. Put your focus and energy in the right directions and you will see the answer to two simple questions. “Why haven’t I been able to change?” And “What will it take to finally make the changes I have wanted?” This e-Course provides 5 powerful keys to making lasting and meaningful change.

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Freedom Model

If you’ve always thought that freedom should be easier, then this training is for you! Discover the you that you have always dreamed of and then help others do the same. This Masterclass takes the key thought shifts of our Freedom Model and delivers them step by step. The Freedom Model is one-third of the Think Differently paradigm and will give you a whole new way to think. This fresh and unique look at the Biblical idea of freedom may have you not just thinking differently, it’s likely to have you living differently.

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Think Differently Learn Differently

Your message is too important to take the chance that it might not reach the intended target! More than just reaching the people you want to reach, now you can reach the most important part of those people. Do you want to help people change? Do you want to strengthen a relationship? In this masterclass, you will even learn to deliver the things you have learned to the part of your soul that needs it most. Think about thinking and learn about learning; nothing can make you more effective at reaching the people you care for.

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Patterns for Change

The human mind and our relational history are two of the most powerful forces at work in shaping our lives. What we believe about ourselves and how we respond to these beliefs make up most of how we experience ourselves at any given moment.

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Some part of you has known all along. It just seems like you are more and have more than what you have been experiencing. You already believe you can have more energy and more clarity to turn things around. We can’t wait to show you where it has been hiding. The things that may have held you back won’t be able to withstand our Re-Wire. Our two-day intensive will give you back what you have always known is yours. Clarity and freedom are just two days away. Your mind and your future belong to you. Let us help you take them back.

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One 2 One

We are all on the journey to become the most powerful and fulfilled version of ourselves. Many of you are also bringing others along on this journey. Perhaps one of the most frustrating and sometimes painful obstacles that we face is dealing with issues of human sexuality. Whether in our own experiences or in those of people we care for, sex is a powerful force intended to connect us and give life. When sex or sexuality gets confusing or distorted, as it often does in today's world, the power it has to bring life can also be used to bring pain.

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Topical Classes

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Matters of the Heart

This series examines four attitudes of the heart that keep us on the path to freedom and the fullness of life.

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Faith in Today’s Culture

Change is all around us. The church is not exempt from this shift. How might we see and think about the time in history we find ourselves in? Re-Forming is a natural part of growth and maturity.

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Understanding the Dynamics of Abuse

This class lays a foundation for thinking about abuse in a different way. Surprisingly many people do not recognize when they are trapped in an abusive relationship. This class will explain why this happens and help open people’s eyes to the hidden dynamic that keeps people stuck.

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Removing Obstacles to Freedom

In this series, we will address some very specific issues that may stand in the way of our freedom. From perfectionism to anger and several others this series will show you keys to overcoming a range of obstacles. This introductory video gives our framework for how we think about the obstacles we face.

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Anatomy of a Stronghold

This model for understanding ways our souls get tangled up. If you have ever felt stuck, this video presents one of the most powerful strategies we know for getting to the root of repeating thoughts or behaviors.

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Life and Life Abundantly

This introduction to the series introduces the idea of five thought shifts that move us all toward greater freedom. Thinking in new ways is a crucial part of our journey. This session gives an overview of five key thought processes, that, once made open the door for lasting change.

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The Power of Communication

Nothing could be more important to finding and knowing our place in the world. Communication is the bridge between our soul and all the rest of reality. This series will address both the “what” and the “how” of effective communication.

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A Users Guide to Change

This introduction to the series introduces the idea of five thought shifts that move us all toward greater freedom. Thinking in new ways is a crucial part of our journey. This session gives an overview of five key thought processes, that, once made open the door for lasting change.

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The Spiritual Life

This series on Spirit Life reminds that everything we do is connected to the spiritual world. We often create a false division between material life and spiritual life. Let's think differently about this connection.

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Freedom Thoughts

Walking through a dark house, we are blinded and therefore bound to run into something. Change the way you see, and you are free to walk without fear. What if our thoughts keep us in the dark and we use those very thoughts to try to change? Shift the way you think, and everything else changes.

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