Foundations of Freedom

Start your journey with our Foundations of Freedom series. The Foundations of Freedom video series exists because of the assumption that if we do not…

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Dying to Self and The Hidden Heart

These two classes address little discussed issues of the soul. When I seem to be my greatest obstacle perhaps it is not because I am…

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After the Foundations join us for this two day experience of renewing your mind and releasing your past. Some part of you has known all…

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A Users Guide to Change

Often it is our attempts to change that can be the barrier that prevents real and lasting change. This series helps you think differently about…

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Removing Obstacles to Freedom

While removing obstacles from your life does not automatically produce freedom, we must still clear the way to become our truest self. From anxiety to…

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Understanding the Dynamics of Abuse

This class lays a foundation for thinking about abuse in a different way. Surprisingly many people do not recognize when they are trapped in an…

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Anatomy of a Stronghold

This model for understanding ways our souls get tangled up. If you have ever felt stuck, this video presents one of the most powerful strategies…

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Life and Life Abundantly

This introduction to the series introduces the idea of five thought shifts that move us all toward greater freedom. Thinking in new ways is a…

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The Power of Communication

Nothing could be more important to finding and knowing our place in the world. Communication is the bridge between our soul and all the rest…

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Additional Pathways

Included in Platinum Membership & available for individual purchase

Renovating Faith: Deconstruction and Reconstruction

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