Healing the Heart that Keeps you Hooked





About the Event

This is a past event and you will get the full recordings.

Have you been trying to lose weight? Or trying to break free from pornography use? Have you been trying to leave a relationship that you know is harmful? What do these and many other painful circumstances have in common? They are often driven by hidden mechanisms inside the human soul.

“Why can’t I stop?” may be the most common plea we hear at Think Differently Academy. That habit or thought process just seems to grow in strength and the more we fight against it the stronger it seems to become.

This is because the mechanisms behind the habit often stay hidden and grow in power the more intensely we focus on the area where we desire change. We strengthen what we focus on, so we inadvertently feed the wrong thing.

We will cover topics ranging from the role of emotions in our habits, to discovering hidden thought cycles, and hidden payoffs. You will get to know your own soul in a whole new way.

In this two-day streaming event we believe you will find keys to release yourself from lifelong habits or patterns that have kept you “hooked”.

Registration is $147.00.


Meet the Speakers

Bob Hamp

Bob Hamp is the founder of the Think Differently Counseling and CO-Founder of Think Differently Academy.  Besides three decades of private practice, he spent years developing a group discipleship strategy called Freedom Ministry that helped thousands of people find freedom from a broad range of struggles. He has published three books built around the idea that changing thought process is the true meaning of Biblical repentance and therefore, the key component of real change. HIs video series, Foundations of Freedom, is used worldwide to shift the way people see the Gospel, themselves, and the pathway to change. Having seen relational abuse from numerous angles Bob has a deep desire to help people find freedom and healing from abuse both past and present.

Facebook: TheBobHamp
Twitter: @bobhamp  
IG: @bobhamp

Polly Hamp

Polly Hamp is the owner of HOP Box and Co/Owner of Think Differently Academy and Think Differently Counseling. She is an NLP Practitioner, speaker, trauma coach, and author. Childhood abuse tried to mold her life but the blaze inside of her never let it define her. She has spent her life discovering ways for men and women to find freedom from the traps of trauma and to step into who they truly are created to be: Unique and powerful!

Polly adores her combined family of 6 grown kids, in-loves, grandbabies, and crazy corgis! Her and her husband, Bob, love a good adventure and discover the beauty of life in unique places.

Facebook: PollyAHamp
IG: @PollyAHamp
Twitter: @Pollynay
TikTok: @DoOverDarling

June 7-9th, 2023

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Introducing ReClaim, a transformative three-day virtual event hosted by Bob Hamp and Polly Hamp, of Think Differently Academy. Together, they have created an empowering and healing experience designed specifically for those impacted by emotional abuse, particularly within marriages.