Reclaim: Taking Back the Life Abuse has Taken from You




Abuse in all forms will try to rob you of the life you were made for. From the moment you began to see, you began the journey to reclaim everything that abuse tried to take away. Join Bob and Polly Hamp, owners of Think Differently Counseling and Think Differently Academy, along with guests Author and Coach Natalie Hoffman and Author Gretchen Baskerville, for the recording of this live event. It is filled with life giving talks, and discussions around this journey. Your purchase of this event includes everything but the live discussions, and the event discounts.

Reclaim: Taking Back the Life Abuse has Taken from You


June 7-9th, 2023

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Introducing ReClaim, a transformative three-day virtual event hosted by Bob Hamp and Polly Hamp, of Think Differently Academy. Together, they have created an empowering and healing experience designed specifically for those impacted by emotional abuse, particularly within marriages.