Outsmart Your Heart: Developing Emotional Intelligence




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If we do not tend to our emotions, they will at some point tend to us. Emotions are the driving force in our daily lives and our relationships. They can either surround us in a world of confusion or lead us to a life of richness and satisfaction. This four-week zoom based Think Differently Academy event is designed to help you the building blocks  of a healthy and thriving emotional life. If you have found emotions (yours or other people’s) to be a barrier to the life you want join us for this event where you will learn to navigate the world of emotional intelligence.

You will learn the purpose and function of emotions, the power of emotional engagement, why connecting to your emotions is the key to all connection, the process of emotional regulation and much more.

Participants will be given access to video content each week before the Zoom session. The Zoom session will allow us all to interact and make application of the content watched during the week. Join us for this zoom based, content rich life changing event.

Registration for this event is $147.00.

Week One: The Power of Emotions in the Human Soul

If we misunderstand our emotions and the role they play in our soul, we may find ourselves struggling with relationships or thoughts and behaviors that seem difficult to manage. As we come to understand the role that emotions play in our being, we can also begin to learn to better manage our own lives as well as the important  relationships in our lives.

Week Two: Emotional Process

As we learn the reason our emotions exist and how they serve us, it is crucial to recognize and engage them in the way they were designed. When emotional process is diverted or distorted, the power of our emotions works against us instead of for us. This module helps us think about how our emotions begin and how they find healthy expression.

Week Three: Emotional Connection

One of the most important functions of our emotional self is that of connection. Connection to both our own being and to those who we are in relationship with becomes the context for the richest experiences of human life. In this module we explore the many dimensions of connection and practical steps toward living a life of intentional connection

Week Four: Emotional Expression

Emotions are chemical in nature and as a result, we feel them. If these emotions don’t find healthy expression, our body can pay a price for storing up these powerful forces. We are often asked about the healthy expression of emotions. So many people have not seen healthy modeling and have only learned what their family of origin showed them. In this module, we will look at the range of emotions and talk about healthy and meaningful ways to release the
cumulative pressure of emotions.


Meet the Speakers

Bob Hamp

Bob Hamp is the founder of the Think Differently Counseling and CO-Founder of Think Differently Academy.  Besides three decades of private practice, he spent years developing a group discipleship strategy called Freedom Ministry that helped thousands of people find freedom from a broad range of struggles. He has published three books built around the idea that changing thought process is the true meaning of Biblical repentance and therefore, the key component of real change. HIs video series, Foundations of Freedom, is used worldwide to shift the way people see the Gospel, themselves, and the pathway to change. Having seen relational abuse from numerous angles Bob has a deep desire to help people find freedom and healing from abuse both past and present.
Facebook: TheBobHamp
Twitter: @bobhamp  
IG: @bobhamp

Polly Hamp

Polly Hamp is the owner of HOP Box and Co/Owner of Think Differently Academy and Think Differently Counseling. She is an NLP Practitioner, speaker, trauma coach, and author. Childhood abuse tried to mold her life but the blaze inside of her never let it define her. She has spent her life discovering ways for men and women to find freedom from the traps of trauma and to step into who they truly are created to be: Unique and powerful!

Polly adores her combined family of 6 grown kids, in-loves, grandbabies, and crazy corgis! Her and her husband, Bob, love a good adventure and discover the beauty of life in unique places.
Facebook: PollyAHamp
IG: @PollyAHamp
: @Pollynay

Outsmart Your Heart: Developing Emotional Intelligence

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June 7-9th, 2023

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