Think Differently Live Differently

Think Differently Live Differently


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Expanded + Study Guide Edition

Now is a good time to become yourself, to discover your God-created, God-connected true self. Now is a good time to Think Differently about things that ruled your life. Don’t let the actions of others, experiences of the past, or current circumstances prevent you from living in the peace and power for which you are made. Learn to Live Differently as you connect to the Ever-present God so that you might be the ever intended you!

“The drive for freedom is like our appetite, like hunger, unconscious and automatic, like blinking your eyes when someone strikes out at you.”

We all desire freedom. But it’s the definition of freedom we all seem to get lost in. The battle is in our attempts to accurately define so that we can effectively pursue this thing we so desire.

Far too often, it is our thought processes that hold us captive, and therefore, shape our attempts to live free. In other words, we must first think differently before we can really make progress in this journey.

Real progress calls for not just new thoughts but new ways to use our minds and new ways to see ourselves and the journey ahead. It is these new thought processes and new perspectives that make this book unlike any other.

In the first half of this book, you will find a roadmap to changing your eyes and your ears, and as a result changing every other step. Like obtaining a brand new prescription for your corrective lenses, these chapters will bring many things into new focus.

With a new way of thinking, the second half of this book then provides the next several steps on the journey. You will find yourself becoming more and more you at every step along the way.

If you are ready for real change, in ways you have yet to imagine, dive into the parable that is the skeleton of this journey, and take your first step.

“…as he paused to take it all in, he was struck by another thought: he had a choice to make … He had to choose between the familiar reality his mind knew and the unknown truth that resonated in his heart.”

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June 7-9th, 2023

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