Think Differently Learn Differently

Think Differently Learn Differently


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Discover the power and importance of this simple idea; the way you know something matters more than what you know. This book will turn a key in the lock that commonly binds the human race.  While we know many things in our mind this knowledge doesn’t seem to impact the recesses of our hearts.

This means that the most powerful information about change will always surrender to pre-existing thought processes. When we learn how to influence thought processes we learn how to influence meaningful change.

Not all pathways of learning lead to the same destination. The kind of learning that allows engineers to build bridges will never inform our ability to love one another well. The kind of learning that comprehends quantum physics will seldom open the door to personal transformation.

Enter the world of Think Differently Learn Differently: Communication with Change in Mind and hone in on the kind of learning that leads to deep and meaningful life change. If you want to change your life or the lives of others these ideas are ground zero.

Inside you will find a combination of brain science, counseling theories, and scripture blended to maximize the power of your thinking and the power of your communication to change your life and the lives of those to whom you communicate.

June 7-9th, 2023

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