Think Differently Lead Differently

Think Differently Lead Differently


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For too long we have looked for leadership lessons from experts who only believe in fifty percent of reality. As Christ followers, we believe in both a visible material realm and an invisible spiritual realm. We must stake our claim as those who live and walk in both the visible and invisible worlds simultaneously.To lead the unique organism that is the body of Christ, whether in a church, a business or our families, true spiritual leadership must know how to navigate both of these realms, and in particular, understand the intersection between these two worlds.

Knowing only how to impact the world we see may actually impair our ability to impact the world we do not see. If all of our knowledge and experience is from and about the visible world, we are operating half-blind as kingdom citizens. My New book Think Differently, Lead Differently is that guidebook that points us toward the intersection of the material and spiritual realms and teaches the important ideas and skills to lead in both.

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