Bob Hamp

Bob Hamp is a seasoned counselor, author, and spiritual leader renowned for his unique approach to teaching freedom through a spiritual lens. With sixteen years in private practice and helping churches around the world develop Freedom Ministry, Bob’s work focuses on altering thought processes to achieve spiritual healing and wholeness. He regularly speaks frequently and has mentored and coached hundreds of counselors, pastors, and leaders. His teachings emphasize sound theology, God’s healing presence, and the transformative power of freedom (acting & reacting as the person God created you to be), making him a sought-after speaker and counselor who helps individuals and communities find true freedom and spiritual identity. 

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Plagiarism in Christian Culture

Several years ago, I was told that an author had cited my work in their book. I looked at their work and saw that they ...
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The Evils of Christian Nationalism

I see so many people, including “enlightened” Christian Leaders decrying the evils of something we are calling “Christian Nationalism”. However you define it, it is ...
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My Response to John Cooper

Imagine a scenario where a man caught two different men flirting with his wife in inappropriate ways. He was so bothered by this that he ...
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Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

I wrote this seven years ago. Please consider… Setting the stage for a Holocaust where millions were killed and a culture turned inside out, began ...
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Abuse: Hidden in Plain Sight

A significant obstacle for those who say they “are opposed to abuse” and “want to stand up for victims” is that many, yes, even many ...
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Nobody ever causes their own abuse

Nobody ever causes their own abuse.  I am a trained systems therapist, with 26 years of practice behind me. I am trained to both believe ...
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June 7-9th, 2023

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