The Evils of Christian Nationalism

I see so many people, including “enlightened” Christian Leaders decrying the evils of something we are calling “Christian Nationalism”. However you define it, it is the current heresy being roasted or embraced by two opposing sides.

“Christian Nationalism” as it is being criticized in front of our culture, is simply another branch growing from the same limb that is promoted. The same leaders who want to be sure that you know how opposed they are to this one branch, simultaneously give their livelihoods and their allegiance to the very limb that gives rise to this and myriad other harmful philosophies.

Every time we substitute a material idea for a spiritual kingdom we subvert the reason for and the power of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Believers and spiritual leaders are often taught how to manage earth better, but not to recognize, much less understand that the design and intent for those who believe in Jesus was always to reintroduce the spiritual kingdom into the material realm and a new spiritual nature into the material soul. As long as we only understand and engage the material world, we will grow a wide variety of branches that can produce only death.

If you denounce christian nationalism, but promote a style of christianity that is lived out by knowledge and will power you are still peddling the same branch to which you claim to be opposed.

When we don’t provide a discipleship that helps people understand and engage the spiritual realm, and their own spiritual nature, people will find some material counterfeit for Christianity.

The soil in which this current heresy grows has been tilled and fertilized for decades. The church promotes dozens of other more socially accepted versions. In the desire to produce change we focus far too much on the outcomes and not nearly enough on the process. The Way always matter more than the “What”

If you would criticize Christian Nationalism, learn to recognize that it is only a twig on a branch that has given us far too many of our “next great church growth strategies”

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