What Kind of God Makes All Things New by Dying?

Right outside the Old City of Jerusalem, about two blocks away from a bustling marketplace is a tomb.  No one is in it.
Hewn away from within a rock wall, this tomb has room for two bodies and a small gathering of mourners. No one is mourning.
Nobody stays there, though many come to visit.  They come to visit to acknowledge the most amazing thing.  This place represents the ultimate new beginning.
The God who created all things, has a plan to make all things new.  All things.
Need anything made new?
His plan is like no other.  No one else would dream of a strategy like His.  His plan began with a cross, an instrument of His own
death.  Then from a place normally associated with ultimate endings, God generated the ultimate New Beginning.

Start over again Today.  Look at the place where a dead body should be resting today.

The same power that raised Him from the dead can raise anything back to life.  Start again today, but this time start in a tomb.  Let Someone Else raise you up today.
What kind of a God makes all things new by dying?  The God who sees Life as a Person and death as a defeated enemy.  Drink today from the resurrection.
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