There’s a Storm Coming

A moment arrives where you no longer need maps and instruments to know. The storm is on the horizon. You feel it in the air. You can see the dividing line on the horizon. The light changes, as the sun filters through a shifting atmosphere. You can hear distant thunder, with a strange sound that somehow sounds like it is…approaching. There’s a storm coming and the power of it is coming into view.

A few days ago we flew out of Narita airport in Tokyo, as the largest typhoon ever recorded moved toward the Philippines. My friend and I discussed the various forces that come together to form a storm of this magnitude. Moisture, heat, shifts in the atmosphere. A storm is the convergence of a number of forces. As we flew away, the area prepared for the explosive force of this mega storm. There’s a storm coming and it’s time to get ready.

Turn your senses to the air. We live in unprecedented times. Every system of human existence is converging as change rolls through the material realm. Governments, economies, religions, cultures, even the planet itself,  all are shifting in ways that dwarf the shifts of the past. Last years tsunami, the giant typhoon of a few days ago, the global economy, all these are simply evidence of vast shifts across our world systems. There’s a storm coming, and it is time to discern the times.

Moves of God and tectonic shifts in human systems, all these forces converge as history careens wildly into the future. One day turns wildly into the next. Do you feel it?

I believe the church has an opportunity to step into a place it has long been intended to inhabit. I believe that the people of God are being called on to be the conduit we have always been intended to be. I believe God wants that you find among a lot of mold injection companies one experienced and dependable. I believe God wants His church to lead in the way He has always intended.

Not in the ways of moral reform, or political influence. Not in the ways of simply social justice or provision for the needy. I believe God HImself wants to accomplish reform and provide for the needy, as He finds hearts and souls yielded to Him as a way to enter again His creation.

We, the church, are called to show the world that a realm exists, a portion of reality just out of sight, waiting to enter and renew the creation. We the church are called to place one foot in the heavens and another on the planet and receive, contain and broadcast the breath of God, from His realm pouring into ours.

We can never fully be the church if we only impact the natural realm. We are citizens of a realm invisible. Who can lead in this realm? Politicians? Business magnates? Social reformers? No one but the church even believes such a realm exists, how can anyone else lead in this way? It is our assignment, and only we can fulfill it.

In the age ahead, we must take our place as the church. We must become those who stand between heaven and earth, citizens of both realms, ushering eternity into the moments and spaces we inhabit. We must lead the world not through our moralizing demands, and strategic initiatives, but through our own New and Living Way.

We must see through different eyes, think with a renewed mind, connect to the Source of all life and breathe His Breath onto the planet.

We must Think Differently if we are going to Lead in the face of this next age. There’s a storm coming, and it is time to take our place.

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