The Journey to Freedom

The first step…some take it with great fear, others dive in like Kamikaze pilots.  Some, sadly, never take it.  I want to do a short series on the path a man or woman would follow when they begin this freedom journey.  We know Jesus died to give us real and impactful freedom. So, we ask ourselves, why is it so few have this cosmos soaring freedom experience?  I invite you to follow the next few posts, to answer that question, but also to move us all several steps further down the path.  Maybe for some, these posts can help to take their first step.

Ironically, most often, the pursuit of freedom starts out with dissatisfaction, or even outright pain.  The reason this is such an irony, is that often this kind of beginning is some of what we must overcome.  Those who are satisfied, seldom seek to have more.  Conversely, those who are satisfied or in pain, are often seeking satisfaction, or relief, which can actually prevent them from reaching the very freedom they seek.

Most people do not go to a doctor to get healthy, they go to a doctor in order to not be sick.  Many people may not realize that “not being sick” is not the same thing as “being healthy”.  When we seek out medical attention, it is usually because of a need.  The doctor, evaluates symptoms makes a diagnosis, and prescribes a treatment which should make the pathology go away, and eradicate the symptoms.  A shot, a pill, maybe a lifestyle change, or dietary change…these are the common outcomes of a Dr. visit.

Imagine leaving the doctors office with this prescription.  “Eat more protein and less fatty food, take intentional time each day to meditate on truth, and connect to the Source of Life, practice three intentional acts of kindness every day, and surrender your anger in forgiveness to the One who created you.  Lower your emotional barriers to your friends and family, and learn to live in relational intimacy from the core of  your created identity.”

The dilemma is that almost all interventions we receive from the doctor are one dimensional and pathology focused.  One dimensional, in that they are focused on the physical body, and pathology focused in that these interventions are a response to the reason we showed up at the office in the first place.

One of the first steps in the journey to freedom is to take a first step.  Ironically, however, most people take a first step because they are in pain, or dissatisfied. That’s alright, as long as somewhere along the road we make the shift from pursuing relief to pursuing real freedom.

Stay tuned…does this sound familiar to anyone besides me?

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