Starting the Journey

Every journey, no matter how far, it is said, begins with a single step.  The journey to freedom begins with a step that for some may be the most difficult; acknowledging their need.  This is not necessarily the same as the old stigma that people are faced with when considering professional counseling.  This is more the universally shared perception that we are okay, and everybody else is messed up.

The Knowledge of Good and Evil (the thing we are all needing to get free from, by the way…) has a peculiar effect on us.  Two sides of the same coin, this result of the fall stops many people from ever thinking about the Journey to Freedom, much less embarking.

Side One: My knowledge of Good makes me think I’ve got it all covered. I am doing great, and all my problems would go away if all those people around me would get with it.

Side Two: My Knowledge of Evil (Something is wrong with me) makes me feel ashamed, and as a result I hide behind something or everything to convince you, (and in many cases myself as well) that nothing is wrong.      As I have said in earlier posts, the human being is the only creature that can lie to himself and actually believe his own lies.

In order to enter the journey, we must first recognize in our own soul, that we need something.  We need something to change.

Wanna come along?

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