In the cradle of our nation, our forefathers considered the problems at hand, and tried to bring about change. After trying to bring fairness and representation to the fledgling colonies of the New World, they finally came to a conclusion. At the level of their attempts, the changes that were forthcoming did not address the problem that existed.  When change was impossible under the current system, it was time to consider changing the system. While I may not be ready to propose revolution, I do want to push for revolutionary thinking.

So often we think inside the box, and the most insidious boxes are the ones that are so “boxy” we may not recognize them. I would like to propose several boxes we live, in, but more importantly, I would like to suggest some alternatives.

As we lead our hearts, homes and organizations into the next age, I believe we must Think Differently about our paradigms. First order change is no longer addressing the problems at hand.

First I believe we must come to view all of reality through the lens that the spiritual world and the material world are integrated and related realities.   Simply acknowledging that an invisible world exists is a first step. But this thought alone, without adjusting our lens, can foster the application of natural thinking to supernatural realities, otherwise known as superstition. Superstition is our attempt to figure out how to manipulate invisible reality to improve our visible reality.

I am proposing that we learn to think that the two realms are already related, connected, and that we must learn how to see, think and navigate from both sides of the veil. God made us for that. If we only take dominion over the fifty percent of reality that we see, we are subjugated to that which we cannot see. It is for this reason that truth (seeing reality) sets us free. We are bound by what we are blind to.

Second, I suggest that we come to think from the perspective of God completing a master plan from the heavens, rather than simply about how we should respond to him from earth. God is up to something big. He was before us, and has always been, about the business of unfolding His story. We get to play. If we learn to think from His throne downward, it will change the way we see from ours upward.

Like children born into time, we often think of reality as something that revolves around us. As we come to think that we revolve around reality, we can rest and let God do what He has always been doing.

I heard Kris Vallotton say that, if you are born again, there is a river in your heart that flows to the throne of God. If you just don’t paddle you will get there. Let God do His job, He is both the Author and the Finisher of this thing.

Finally, I want to suggest that the great mystery of what God is up to, is hidden right in front of our eyes. God is very much in the process of restoring His original design to a fallen creation. God’s blueprint never changed. But the process of bringing the whole thing to pass is a way of involving us in the restoration of all things.

If we learn to think from the perspective of God restoring original design, it becomes much easier to see and to cooperate in His plans.

“Behold, I make all things new… wanna help?”

Before we adjust one more time, the strategies of ministries and movements, lets consider a revolution. Overthrow your thinking and learn to Think Differently about the reality in which we lead.

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