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Reclaim: Taking Back the Life Abuse has Taken from You

Abuse in all forms will try to rob you of the life you were made for. From the moment you began to see, you began…

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Rebuild: Deconstructing and Reconstructing our Faith – September

You love God. You think for yourself. You are serious about your life. And no one can tell you what to believe. ReBuild is for…

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Responding to Trauma in Relationships

What happens when someone you love has come from a past riddled with abuse or trauma? How do you connect with them and love them…

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Think Differently Model

The Think differently training model is a unique integration of three schools of thought. Each of the schools of thought complements the other to build…

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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth has often been defined by a set of prescribed practices. What if it is possible to adhere to all the practices and still…

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Think Differently Lead Differently

In Think Differently, Lead Differently Bob Hamp offers us nothing less than a new model for raising up and equipping authentic Christian leaders. Building on…

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Finding Hope for Change

Though It may not seem like it, change is easier than you think. Like any lock, it is difficult to open if you don’t have…

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Freedom Model

If you’ve always thought that freedom should be easier, then this training is for you! Discover the you that you have always dreamed of and…

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Think Differently Learn Differently

Your message is too important to take the chance that it might not reach the intended target! More than just reaching the people you want…

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Patterns for Change

The human mind and our relational history are two of the most powerful forces at work in shaping our lives. What we believe about ourselves…

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One 2 One

We are all on the journey to become the most powerful and fulfilled version of ourselves. Many of you are also bringing others along on…

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Topical Classes


Shame Free Brain

The Shame Free Brain: What if shame is directly connected to brain function? Regardless of experiences or core beliefs, shame may actually be more a…

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Matters of the Heart

This series examines four attitudes of the heart that keep us on the path to freedom and the fullness of life.

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Faith in Today’s Culture

Change is all around us. The church is not exempt from this shift. How might we see and think about the time in history we…

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The Spiritual Life

This series on Spirit Life reminds that everything we do is connected to the spiritual world. We often create a false division between material life…

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Freedom Thoughts

Walking through a dark house, we are blinded and therefore bound to run into something. Change the way you see, and you are free to…

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