Stacey's Furniture 1900 S Main St., Grapevine

Some part of you has known all along. It just seems like you are more and have more than what you have been experiencing. You already believe you can have more energy and more clarity …

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Think Differently Training: Freedom Model

Think Differently Counseling 1650 W. Northwest HWY STE 101, Grapevine

If you’ve always thought that freedom should be easier, then this training is for you! Discover the you that you have always dreamed of and then help others do the same. This two-day training, formerly known as “Freedom Training” takes the key thought shifts of our Freedom Model and delivers them step by step. The Freedom Model is one-third of the Think Differently paradigm and these two days will give you a whole new way to think. This fresh and unique look at the Biblical idea of freedom may have you not just thinking differently, it’s likely to have you living differently. Come join us!


The Shame Free Brain

Catch The Fire Church 2304 Page Rd, Durham

This Event is in Durham, North Carolina What if the biggest step toward fulfilling your calling is a simple shift? As we learn more about the relationship between scripture and the growing body of brain …

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Reclaim: Take Back The Life Abuse Tried To Take From You

Virtual Event

Abuse in all forms will try to rob you of the life you were made for. From the moment you began to see, you began the journey to reclaim everything that abuse tried to take away. Join Bob and Polly Hamp, owners of Think Differently Counseling and Think Differently Academy, along with guests Author and Coach Natalie Hoffman and Author Gretchen Baskerville, for three days of connecting around this journey.

$127 – $157
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