Shame Free Brain

4.6 hours
11 Lessons

About Shame Free Brain

The Shame Free Brain: What if shame is directly connected to brain function? Regardless of experiences or core beliefs, shame may actually be more a matter of the part of our brain that we operate from. The Shame Free Brain explores various aspects of brain function and the human soul, with these questions in mind. Perhaps shaking off the weight of shame isn’t about changing weighty elements of our past, but instead, it may be about changing how we operate our brain.
Bob & Polly Hamp

Bob & Polly Hamp

Bob and Polly Hamp are the owners and teachers of Think Differently Academy. They both find great joy in helping people re-connect to their truest self. Bob is a Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist and he and Polly are both Think Differently Coaches. Their style forms a perfect complement as they design and deliver strategies for helping people change and training people in helping others.

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