From There to Here

The longest non-distance in the world is from there to here. We live here. Our lives and daily experiences take place…here. Houses and cars, offices and yeah, even malls. Here. This limited, sometimes suffocating place …

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Shelf Life

Oreos in hand, I pulled the milk from the refrigerator. As I began to pour, ribbons and chunks edged their way over the mouth of the gallon. Something was not right here. I looked down …

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Do this!

“I don’t care what you talk about, but you have to do this, “ he said, as he bent down and placed his hands under his feet. “When you did that last year, suddenly everything …

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In the cradle of our nation, our forefathers considered the problems at hand, and tried to bring about change. After trying to bring fairness and representation to the fledgling colonies of the New World, they …

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“And the One who sat on the throne said, “Behold I make all things compliant…”

Change? Change What?

Change! The Posters told our nation. Change! the culture seems to scream out. Change! The frustrated truck driver, lonely single mother, or the singularly focused community service agency cries. Change!

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