Audiobook iTunes Support

Audiobook iTunes Support

This support document covers downloading and syncing a digital audiobook purchased from A medium level of computer knowledge is needed to perform these tasks.

Audiobooks are digital files sent via a link in your email receipt. The files can ONLY be downloaded on a desktop or laptop computer.

You can NOT download the files direct to mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad. You must first download to a computer and then transfer to a mobile device.

Download links are only active for ten download attempts. Once you click the link that counts as a download attempt. After ten times the link becomes void.

The files you download are universal and will work with 99.99% of all systems on the market in the USA. If you do encounter issues while downloading, try to use another web browser such as Google Chrome, you can download the browser here ( If after the installation and attempt with the new browser, you are still encountering issues try restarting your computer.

Once you have successfully downloaded the files, you will need to unzip the file or extract the file. On most operating systems you can double-click the file, and it will do this task for you. On completion, you will get a new folder that contains the tracks for the Audiobook you purchased.

Unzip on PC

Unzip or Uncompress on Mac

You can simply drag and drop these files into iTunes if that is the media player you are using. If not, refer to the user manual for your particular media player application on how to import in audio files.

Here are a view support documents specifically about using iTunes:

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