Speak Differently:

Learn to communicate with change in mind

An Online Public Speaking Course that will give you confidence, transform your delivery, and empower you to create change in your audience.

Group Sessions: April 11 - May 16

Bob Hamp, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and NLP Practitioner


years of Experience


of lives changed


of coaches and speakers trained

Dee Ann Higgins
Dee Ann Higgins
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Training with Think Differently was one of the most profound experiences of my life. It was a combination of healing, revelation  and equipping that empowered me to live more whole heartedly in my life and to help others experience the same freedom.
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I found the videos resonating with what I had been reading elsewhere and discovering. I particularly enjoy the calm tone and clear, well explained illustrations, and the free access to material.
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Learning trauma is an actual injury to the nervous system helped me understand my situation and provided hope for a way out. Thank you for connecting how trauma might effect us but healing can as well.
Jon Barron
Jon Barron
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Your insight and perspective transformed our ministry and helped us understand how to articulate a healthy relationship more clearly. Your books (Think/Learn/Lead Differently) changed me in so many ways, I’ve recommended them to others numerous times - and given quite a few copies as gifts.
Betty Walton
Betty Walton
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Years ago I was pondering on how Jesus could live His life through me, now I know how. I can’t thank you both enough for all I’ve learned and how much I’ve grown.
Suzie Zanewich
Suzie Zanewich
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I learned to trust God to speak through me and my faith grew exponentially! I can tell you this feels like true freedom! My freedom journey continues and I “think differently” every time I hear Bob and Polly teach!
Heather Tyson
Heather Tyson
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For the first time in my life I found rest when I discovered the treasure of how to be free by thinking differently God’s way though Bob and Polly’s ministry at Think Differently Academy. I am forever thankful for their leading me to the abundant life that Jesus freely gives!

In this online public speaking course, you will learn to expect more and learn to accomplish more. Not all learning is created equal, and the human mind is always capable of more than we expect.

This is not a course on skills and passion. This one-of-a-kind course for speakers, teachers and learners provides a clear and potent roadmap to the human soul, insuring that your listeners will experience lightbulb moments and shift to a higher level of thinking.

Video Only


Video + Group Coaching


What you get:

9 Hours of original video content

12+ hours of coaching

1 copy of the book “Think Differently Learn Differently”

1 completely new way to think about your speaking

Membership in a private discussion group on Think Differently Academy

On Demand

Set your own deadlines according to your schedule.


Earn a Shareable Certificate upon course completion. (Group Coaching Students only)


Get your questions addressed and network with fellow learners.

12 Hours

Approximately 90 mins of theory with exercises throughout the weeks of coaching.

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Learn how to:

“They may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel, but seriously, if you really want to mess them up learn to pull down their paradigms…”
~Bob Hamp

Craft words that lay the tracks for the train of thought
Unlock the minds of your audience
Unleash the power of your listener’s desire
Navigate the human soul and show people new possibilities
Engage the power of the Limbic system for an unforgettable experience
Switch on the right hemisphere of every listener’s brain
Intentionally speak to both the conscious and unconscious mind simultaneously

Video Only


Understand both the theory and practical application on how to craft a mind-shifting message. This content integrates the most powerful models of change, psychology, neuroscience and learning to give you a roadmap to the human soul.

Video + Group Coaching

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Special Early Bird Pricing: $1200*!

*Until March 11 ONLY

In addition to the on-demand video content, also receive access to weekly Zoom-based coaching. Each week will focus on a different area of transformational communication, and then provide an opportunity to apply these modules to your message.

Speak Differently: Communicating with Change in Mind

If you want to learn to motivate and inspire people as a public speaker, this class is not for you!

This course will not make you smarter. It will make you different.

If instead, you are interested in learning the keys to transformational communication and how to craft a message that unleashes the unique power of each member of your audience, keep reading.

People make meaningful change when they are unleashed and you can learn the keys to opening the minds of your listeners. Inspiration is short lived but transformation is from now on. Learn to give your audience the power of deep and lasting change.

This course integrates ideas from change theory, various therapy models, neuro-linguistic programming and neuro-science to show you as a speaker how to enter your listeners world and hand them the keys to the changes they are searching for.

Everyone who has ever listened to an inspirational speaker recognizes the frustration of feeling motivated but coming face to face with a cycle of limitations that stops them short of their goals.

Don’t be that speaker.

Bob Hamp

Bob Hamp is an author, speaker, and all-around helper of the human race. He and his wife Polly lead Think Differently Academy and have helped thousands of people with their writing and teachings.

Bob Hamp is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and NLP Practitioner, with thirty years experience in private practice, program development and transformational public speaking. He is the founder of Think Differently Counseling and Think Differently Academy, an online community built around transformational content. He is also the author of the transformational Think Differently series.

His course Foundations of Freedom has been used worldwide and translated into several languages to help thousands of people think in a new way about their own personal development.

In this facilitated course you will learn how to:

Communicate to reach the specific parts of the brain where change actually happens
Craft language patterns that open up neural pathways
Recognize why most people remain stuck
Raise your message to provide a map for your listeners
Recognize and change a limiting paradigm
Identify the level of communication needed to produce maximum change.

You will also learn:

Why “improvisational skills” are a must for fostering change in your audience
Why information doesn’t produce change, and what actually does!
Countless strategies to engage the core of your listeners

August 9 -September 17

This course is a combination of streaming video content with Zoom based coaching. Each week will focus on a different area of transformational communication and then give opportunity to apply these modules to your message.

Coaching Sessions Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30

Final Group Coaching Session Saturday September 17 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

All times are Central Standard time

Cost: $1188.00