Think Differently Life Coach Certification | Spring 2023




The Think Differently Christian Life Coach Certification is an 8-week program for individuals looking for certification who want to develop the paradigms and skills to impact maximum change through public speaking and in One-on-One settings. For Counselors, Pastors, Professors, and Teachers or other helping professions, the program will strengthen what you are already providing to your clients. The Certification program is designed to equip men and women who are currently working in helping professions. This process promotes both learning and integration of these skills.

Our Certification Track includes not only all of the thought shifts that comprise our Think Differently approach, but also hands-on training opportunities. In these events, you will interact with our Think Differently team while having a chance to practice and grow in the skills of helping others change.

The practicum aspect of the Certification will accelerate your mastery of both thought shifts and interventions that foster maximum transformation

*Note: The Freedom Path and Think Differently Training are prerequisites for Certification.

Certification (8 week program):

  1. Certification Video Pathway:
    1. Think Differently Learn Differently (10 Hours)
    2. Finding Hope for Change (2 hours) 
    3. One Two One (10 Hours)
    4. Improvisation (1 Hour) 
    5. A User’s Guide to Change (2.5 Hours) 
    6. Patterns for Change (10 Hours) 
    7. Think Differently Lead Differently (7 hours) 
    8. Total: 42.5 Hours
  2. 2 Books                                                                       ($ 30.00 value)
  3. 3 E-Courses                                                                  ($ 90.00 value)                 
  4. 3 Master-Classes                                                         ($ 741.00 value)
  5. 6 Months Platinum Membership                              ($ 592.00 value) (In addition to 6 months from Training Level)
  6. 8 Weeks Small Group Coaching.                             ($ 6400.00 value)
  7. 8 Weeks Group Coaching                                         ($ 6400.00 value)
  8. Membership In TDAcad Specialty Group

Certification Dates & Schedule

Feb 6th – Mar 30th

  • Mondays 
    • 10 – 11 am CST Mindshift Mondays
  • Tuesdays
    • 6:00 pm Topical Class
    • 6:30-8:30 pm Small Group Coaching
  • Thursdays
    • 12:00 – 1:00 pm CST Think Differently Thursday


Total Value: $14,253