Speak Differently Video + Group Coaching

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Not all learning is created equal, and the human mind is always capable of more than we expect. Learn to expect more and learn to accomplish more in this one-of-a-kind course for speakers, teachers and learners.

This is not a course on skills and passion. This course provides a clear and potent roadmap to the human soul, insuring that your listeners will experience lightbulb moments and shift to a higher level of thinking.

In addition to the on-demand video content, also receive access to weekly Zoom-based coaching. Each week will focus on a different area of transformational communication, and then provide an opportunity to apply these modules to your message.

  • Learn on your own schedule
  • Pre-recorded videos and PDF notes
  • Practical frameworks and ideas
  • Available in English with downloadable Transcripts
  • Weekly Group Coaching

Group coaching schedule:

  • June 11 – July 16
  • from 7:00 to 8:30​ PM (CST)
  • Final Group Coaching Session Saturday July 16, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm CST

What you get:

  • 8 hours of original video content
  • 1 copy of the Think Differently Learn Differently” book
  • 1 completely new way to think about your speaking

Learn how to:

  • Craft words that lay the tracks for the train of thought
  • Unlock the minds of your audience
  • Unleash the power of your listener’s desire
  • Navigate the human soul and show people new possibilities
  • Engage the power of the Limbic system for an unforgettable experience
  • Switch on the right hemisphere of every listener’s brain
  • Intentionally speak to both the conscious and unconscious mind simultaneously


June 7-9th, 2023

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