Spiritual Growth

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About Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth has often been defined by a set of prescribed practices. What if it is possible to adhere to all the practices and still not grow spiritually? In fact, what if we need to step back and re-define what spiritual growth is so that we can engage in ways that change us from the inside out? Learn the difference between soul and spirit and crucial ways of thinking to experience change that comes from the Spirit.
Bob & Polly Hamp

Bob & Polly Hamp

Bob and Polly Hamp are the owners and teachers of Think Differently Academy. They both find great joy in helping people re-connect to their truest self. Bob is a Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist and he and Polly are both Think Differently Coaches. Their style forms a perfect complement as they design and deliver strategies for helping people change and training people in helping others.