Responding to Trauma in Relationships

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About Responding to Trauma in Relationships

What happens when someone you love has come from a past riddled with abuse or trauma? How do you connect with them and love them in and through their greatest fears, triggers, and worries? If you have experienced trauma or abuse how do you move toward others and navigate safety and connection in healthy relationships? This course helps explain trauma and triggers and gives some tools to help people navigate through the confusion of trauma with people in your life.
Bob & Polly Hamp

Bob & Polly Hamp

Bob and Polly Hamp are the owners and teachers of Think Differently Academy. They both find great joy in helping people re-connect to their truest self. Bob is a Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist and he and Polly are both Think Differently Coaches. Their style forms a perfect complement as they design and deliver strategies for helping people change and training people in helping others.