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About One 2 One

We are all on the journey to become the most powerful and fulfilled version of ourselves. Many of you are also bringing others along on this journey. Perhaps one of the most frustrating and sometimes painful obstacles that we face is dealing with issues of human sexuality. Whether in our own experiences or in those of people we care for, sex is a powerful force intended to connect us and give life. When sex or sexuality gets confusing or distorted, as it often does in today’s world, the power it has to bring life can also be used to bring pain.
Bob & Polly Hamp

Bob & Polly Hamp

Bob and Polly Hamp are the owners and teachers of Think Differently Academy. They both find great joy in helping people re-connect to their truest self. Bob is a Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist and he and Polly are both Think Differently Coaches. Their style forms a perfect complement as they design and deliver strategies for helping people change and training people in helping others.