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Choose from two tracks.


The Think Differently Certification is a training program for Counselors, Coaches, Pastors, Professors, and Teachers who want to develop the paradigms and skills to impact maximum change through public speaking and in One-on-One settings. The Certification program is designed to equip men and women who are currently working in helping professions. This process promotes both learning and integrating these skills. 

Certification Track includes not only all of the thought shifts that comprise our Think Differently approach but also hands-on training opportunities. In these events, you will interact with our Think Differently team while having a chance to practice and grow in the skills of helping others change.  

Professions that are eligible for Certification: Counselors, Coaches, Pastors, Professors, and Teachers. Must be under the supervision of a licensing board. Acceptance into this program will be through Application. 

Certification Offers:

  • Over 70 Hours of video training
  • Comprehensive Tests and in-depth quizzes throughout modules 
  • 1-2 weeks of hands-on training   
  • Interaction with the Think Differently Training Team 
Launching Summer 2020

Applications open Summer 2020


The Think Differently Troupe is designed for you to receive a personal experience that leads to new learning and growth. You’ll receive a robust course with personal application that will help you grow and move forward to becoming your authentic self. This course will take your equipping to another level personally and enable you to impact the world around you with new strength.

For those of you desiring training but are not currently in one of the professions eligible for Certification, we would love to have you join us for all of the Troupe Training and development courses that give you the “Think Differently” shift!

Troupe Offers:

  • Over 70 hours of online training with built-in quizzes
  • Powerful community of Think Differently Mind Shifters 
  • Become a transformational thinker: to  ‘think about thinking’ and “learn about learning.”
  • Think Differently tests geared specifically toward the Troupe Track of completion of each Masterclass.
  • Recognize your TROUPE! Upon completion, you will receive a limited-edition t-shirt and coffee mug!
Launching Spring 2020
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